Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FOON FOONO ART EXHIBITION 2010 • Reception Night


Furniture design collaboration with INTESIGN db
Showcase on solo art exhibition 2010
Mystiq series


Wall installation on solo art exhibition 2010
Freedom Of...
love, lies, choice, cry, hate, sex, sacrifice, guilty, forgiveness, beauty, art, city, suicide, passion, appreciation, music, obsessed, fragile, anger, lesbian, movie, kinky, design, money, kill, god, family, creative, drink, soul, gay, food, murder, fuck, fashion, angry, emotion, speak, smoke, apologize, time, beautiful, animal, tears, mercy, dress-up, heart, story, sorry, need, celebration, dream, unconditional, porn, eat, dance, heaven, sing, hell, scream, peeking, whispering, lyrics, gossip, religious, words, paradise, rude, burn, virgin, protection, live, sound, grow up, silent, secret, suck, sweet, reborn, prostitution, fighting, scare, swim, escape, drug, judge, estasy, falling, hope, cheating, law, life, paparazzi, happy, slut, sad, good, bad, whatever... Me.


Lightbox art installation on solo art exhibition 2010
Man-made Dream
Human life’s entirety with unfeigned heart may be controversial in the evolutional era with advanced science and technology. Foreign object as man-made functional heart implanted in human body will drive to a lifelong endorsement or quality improvement or instead, distend the remote distance between human races? The answer lies in soul and coldness parallel in warm blood creatures when the generation comes.
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