Tuesday, May 22, 2007

naked sari

My other project is photograph for Indian women i met in India, we chatting and shared our story naturally without hiding and pretend. The simple life attracted me make a photo series of them to share. Looking at their natural expression from the face in each photo, I see a innocence smile from the beggar sisters, a strong eyes from the banana seller lady, a struggling emotion from the young girl, a happy face from the old lady first time seeing her face when I was about to shoot her with my digital camera, the lovely happiness face from the girl who told me she's getting married soon, and other stories ... everyone has their own story.

Sari is a symbolism of the rich Indian culture and it goes a long way back in history. It exudes the aura of beauty in a woman who wears it. Regardless of status, wealth or education background, the sari brings together a common identity for every Indian woman. It's colourful fabric represents different facets of life embodying the Indian culture.

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